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Alexander Villarasa

The muse must have stayed in his creative mind as he went through a fruitful life as pediatrician, family man, golfer, singer, civic leader.

The desire for Alexander Villarasa to be doctor must have been hatched growing up in comfort in the vast lands  of coconut trees and beautiful nountains of Bicol, Philippines. Writing as a side dish to an already sumptuous meal came in love poems for then sweetheart Nenita, now his wife and a registered nurse.

Alexander Villarasa, M.D. releases ‘It’s All About Something’

Book shares author’s life experiences that had positive, negative impact on how he views himself, his world

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Alexander Villarasa, M.D. wanted to share with readers all about his life experiences and their objective and subjective introspection and interpretation. It prompted him to write “It’s All About Something” (published by Xlibris), a book about life’s duality —-the physical and spiritual.


This is about Villarasa’s life experiences that had a positive (and sometimes negative) impact on how he views himself and the world around him. Thus, it is about his inside world which include his family, friends, career, as well as the world outside like theism, empiricism and any other “isms” in between.


“The interacting and interlocking of everything that is in our immediate physical world has greater meaning and implications than what we might think,” Villarasa points out. “We have to find what those meaning and implications are.”


“’Through this book, I would like to make readers realize that there is always something personal about writing even if the subject is as impersonal as the Laws of Physics.”


A snippet from a poem:


“It’s all about something” is a mantra than can blow our mind.

It comes even when we are busy doing life’s daily grind.

Friendship is a “something” that is truly one of a kind.

From sunrise to sunset, it is absolutely the ties that bind.


“It’s All About Something”

By Alexander Villarasa, M.D.

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781543469257

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781543469264

E-Book | 182 pages | ISBN 9781543469271

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


It’s All About Something

It’s All About Something